Learning technique experience with retrieval practice

For the past few weeks, I have been working on implementing the retrieval practice learning strategy into my daily study habits. In my opinion the experiment has been a success and retrieval practice has improved my study habits for the better. I felt more confident going into my tests and I felt my studying was much more productive using this technique. I also enjoyed learning the material compared to before and have felt that my memory of the material has improved. I hope to implement retrieval practice even more into my studying in the future. In order to implement the learning strategy I have been adjusting my behaviors in order to improve my study habits using retrieval practice.

One of the behaviors I have implemented is leaving more time to study before a test, in order to have more time to do practice questions. This behavior has left me more time to prepare for my tests which has made me stress less the night before. I have also been able to get a full nights sleep before my…

Implementing Retrieval Practice into my Study Habits

Retrieval practice is a learning strategy based around getting information out of the mind instead of just pushing information in. This can be done by attempting to recall information you have just read in order to remember it, instead of just re-reading it. Using flash cards, completing quizzes and exams, and asking questions aloud are all examples of retrieval practice being implemented. Retrieval practice has also been shown to not just lead to greater memorization of the material being learned but also greater understanding. This leads to better long term memory and the easier transfer of knowledge to new and different concepts.

The reason I chose retrieval practice as the strategy I want to implement in my own study habits is because it is effective and easy to use in practice. Implementing it will not create too big of a change in my own learning habits and therefore will lead to a shorter and easier adjustment period. This makes it a realistic strategy for me to use in my daily…

Technology and 21st Century Learning

 1. Do you feel school is preparing you adequately for your future. Why or why not?
In my opinion school is doing a good job preparing me for my future but there are many things that school could be doing better as well. The use of group projects and strict deadlines are especially helpful in preparing me for life in a real workplace. I also think the courses taught at this school provide good building blocks for knowledge and skills that I will use and acquire late in life. However there are also areas of preparation that the school is lacking. On of those areas is financial management and budgeting, as only 18 percent of women and 32 percent of men with a high school diploma could answer basic questions on inflation, risk and diversification according to statistics Canada. My knowledge of those areas has come from sources outside of school. As well I think there should be more emphasis on computer literacy since almost every modern job requires proficiency in that field. In this fiel…